Profile of VET organisation

Name of organization: Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants Ltd

Country: United Kingdom

e-mail[email protected]


Type of VET institute: Higher vocational education

Good practice title

European Disability Employment Practitioiner Certificate

Baseline / problem

Good practice resulting from change: No training programme existed for employment advisors helping people with disabilities into work. Common assumptions and methods did not tally with scientific eveidence for what works, nor for effective skill development. We reviewed evidence for what works in employment counselling, and what works in skill development, and created a skill-training curriculum and teaching methodology, and methods for in-work assessment to achieve a qualification. The qualification is at EQF5, and is validated in the UK and available for application in other countries.

Good practice: (Measures, instruments, criteria, indicators)

At the core is understanding of the role of Self-efficacy in a) predicting effort and achievement b) selecting and implementing behavioural change plans c) learning new skills. We also apply advanced communication and advice kills from Motivational Interviewing, Goal Focussed Coaching and Prospect Theory. We apply both the rainng and the assessment for qualification by practice in the workplace, with the necessary minimum of demonstratin, theory and classroom teaching. The process was advised by the UK Ministerial Department DWP Occupational Psychology Team, and implemented in several EU cuontries as test / ppilot events. IT was evaluated independently - the report is available from us. More can be found at

Problems and constraints encountered and solutions found:

Problems included: differing views of in-work learning and in-work assessment in various EU countries cost of training to public-sector providers and contractors in both welfare to work and health environments the long period required to prepare trainers and assessors to a high standard These can be overcome, with effort flexibility and determination. Contact with us by e-mail is a sensible starting point to explore future potential.