Profile of VET organisation

Name of organization: School - Kaunas Builders Training Centre

Country: Lithuania


Type of VET institute: Upper Secondary vocational education and training

Good practice title

Career guidance

Baseline / problem

Good practice for the resulting changes.
Promotion of Kaunas Builders Training Centre benefits by  annually participation in the exhibition "Science and  Studies”, visits  to basic and secondary schools,  „open days”, information on school website, booklets with information about the school  was only partially effective in terms of career guidance. All the measures for career planning were targeted, but missing some things, what could be called a life-long learning , self-expression and self- identification. The event is „Come, see, try” is directed to explore the practical school in preparation of professions . It had to fill the void between "Read this , hear and learn in practice". This meant the broader career information , and at the same Kaunas Builders Training Centre students self-expression, because they had the opportunity and show themselves, and be tested.  The idea of a practical „profession evidence” revealed in the annual exhibitions of the „Science and Studies”, where stands the most attractive were the ones where you can almost 'touch' specialty. Kaunas SRC formed a working group that developed this idea and implemented in practice.  Events „Come, see, try”  become  traditional. Judging from the number of participants and active primary and secondary school students, participants' feedback , as well as an assessment of the organizers ( Kaunas SRC teachers and students) experiences a summary , it can be said that the information and professional design career took on a new meaning. Opportunity to learn about future profession was much more effective than the earlier measures.

Good practice: (Measures, instruments, criteria, indicators)

Kaunas SRC good practice for successful team performance affect the processes that yield positive, spectacular results.  These best practices were likely the result of an increase in the number of applicants, increase the prestige of the school and career design in a broad sense (and it is by the pupils of the school and their attitude towards their chosen career start). The planned result was achieved.  Career design event  „Come ,see , try“ was carried out as follows:
1) The idea was discussed at the meeting of the methodological group meetings , teachers, board meeting
2) Formed a working group
3) Performed the preparatory work (advertising , specific agreements with prospective participants (basic and secondary schools)
4) In reference groups discussed the activities of relevant professional presentation skills
5) The organization of the event
6) Feedback from participants (response) analysis
7) Working group discussion experiences.
Implementing group – was a school community (teachers, students , and school administration). The formation of the first course were gathered  400 students and additionaly 123 students. Good practice has been a very important Kaunas SRC sense of prestige. Participants had access to the European level of instruction plumbers, auto mechanics and woodworking workshop (which results in cooperative agreements). This experience influenced the school students' views of their chosen specialty benefits provided opportunities for them to express themselves (indirect benefits)  Website, (

Problems and constraints encountered and solutions found:

As the activities were planned in sufficient detail, major problems did not arise. Most challenging thing was to coordinate the arrival of the participants, opportunities for all time’s favourable selection. In the implementation of this event next year, better to provide at least two session days. This will provide more cognitive expression.