Profile of VET organisation

Name of organization: School - Kaunas Social Services and Construction Business Vocational Training Centre

Country: Lithuania


Type of VET institute: Upper Secondary vocational education and training

Good practice title

Mentoring system development

Baseline / problem

Youth Inclusion „to employers' organizations, not all groups of young people to successfully integrate new students, especially immigrants into your organization. Mentoring is a worldwide well-known tool for schools, businesses and organizations and helping people achieve success. Mentoring is a powerful tool. Advanced mentoring program Supreme presents this measure is very important for young people - education - context. Vocational education is a foundation that provides funding and the opportunity to establish themselves.

The mentoring program are:

• To develop vocational students talents

• To contribute to the dropout prevention

• Encourage continuous learning process (training institutions to colleges)

• Support ( disadvantaged ) young people choosing their further education / career advice and personal issues

• Encourage young people's ambitions, developing their talents.

The mentoring program is currently being implemented, yet we cannot talk about specific results, but the interest in this system is felt.

Good practice: (Measures, instruments, criteria, indicators)

Actors: mentors and mentees. Considered good practice - mentoring system installation.

Action: Search for mentors, mentees search, pairing, mentoring enforcement, legal assessment, dissemination activities. The evaluation will be used. These best practices planned result - introduced a mentoring system.

Good practice will improve relations between the employers and the students, teachers and pupils

Problems and constraints encountered and solutions found:

Mentoring is a voluntary activity, and Lithuania, volunteering is not yet popular, and is encouraging mentor, by presenting to them a mentor to international certifications. We recommend the application of a variety of mentors to promote and support programs.