TUKE has a quality policy and objectives for distance online education in study programs, and TUKE MS Teams and TUKE Moodle are the main supportive tools.

Technical University of Košice (TUKE) Stakeholder: Person or organisation that can affect, or be affected by, or perceive itself to be affected by a decision or activity.

TUKE Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS):

  • E-Learning strategy: To increase the competitiveness and efficiency of education, TUKE supports internationalisation and interdisciplinary e‐learning study programs.
  • Risk management strategy: To identify risks and opportunities concerning the standards for IQAS and support the process approach and risk-based thinking of employees through regular training in this area.

E-Learning inputs:

  • Labour market: applicants from praxes
  • VET organisations: secondary schools, Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)
  • Experts from praxes: authority from practice
  • Educators: the person responsible for the study program, teachers responsible for the profiling courses, and other teachers involved in the course
  • Learners: TUKE students

TUKE external environment::

  • Virtual Learning Environment: MS Teams. Example of the procedure for students how to link to the online lecture (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering)
  • e-Learning: TUKE/Teacher/Moodle
  • Learning Management Systems: TUKE Moodle
  • Personal Learning Environment: TUKE/Teacher/Moodle

Monitoring, measurement, analysis and improvement: (https://www.tuke.sk/wps/portal/tuke/university/vnutorny-system-kvality):

  • Policy:  Point 2. Monitoring, review, approval and improvement policy of IQAS at TUKE
  • Objectives: Point 2.4 Improve student-centred learning, teaching and assessment by monitoring and reviewing study programmes.

Learning outcomes:
Learning outcomes defined by study branch, consistent with the scope of the course and study programme; described in terms of the competencies for the level to which the competencies will be achieved; and specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. An example of good practice is described at the internal quality assurance evaluation portal 
https://res.tuke.sk/ in the following structure:

  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Competency

According to the Long-Term Strategic Plan of the TUKE and TUKE objectives, a common strategy for limitations reduction (https://www.tuke.sk/wps/portal/tuke/university/legislativa-univerzity)

  • Finance: Increase income from project and business activities by developing research and development activities and project activities.
  • Knowledge
  • Technical support
  • Risk: The degree of uncertainty in the critical group "big risk" is as small as possible.

E-Learning process:

  • VET provider's policy, strategy and objectives for e-learning: (https://www.tuke.sk/wps/portal/tuke/university/vnutorny-system-kvality)
  • Support for trainers and trainees for e-learning (TUKE Institute of Computing Technology)
  • Infrastructure support for E-Learning (TUKE MS Teams, TUKE Moodle, ICT classrooms)
  • Study programme/course design, development and approval for e-learning: Internal (Standards for approval, management and quality assessment of study programmes at TUKE)

E-Learning training program evaluation procedures: Board of the study programme, Accreditation Council of TUKE, Accreditation Commission of TUKE