Name of organization: Centar za odgoj i obrazovanje Krapinske Toplice 


Good practice title: Centar za odgoj i obrazovanje Krapinske Toplice 

Baseline / problem: Considering that most of our students in the adapted program do not have enough necessary ICT skills, for now we have organized a weekly delivery of educational materials to home addresses (personally delivered to parents at home addresses and made over 600 km in one day!)

Good practice: 
• we gave instructions to all parents / students to follow the educational program on Croatian televison (personally gave instructions to all parents and put them on the Center's website), 
• we sent instructions for the use of digital educational materials on the IZZI, eSfera and Mozzaweb platforms for fifth and seventh grade students in a customized program (we will expand to sixth and eighth grade), 
• teachers sent additional exercise materials to the extended professional procedure as part of rehabilitation procedures (instructions to parents, tasks for students), 
• each class has a Viber / Whatsapp group with parents where they communicate on a daily basis, 
• all teachers / professional associates and staff actively participate in the exchange of information on Yammer (virtual chamber, Teachers and Class Councils), e-mail (official and private emails) and Viber group, 

Problems and constraints encountered and solutions found:
• for students with greater difficulties (Article 9 of the Ordinance), teachers have written detailed instructions to parents for each activity and parents have the opportunity to consult with teachers on a daily basis, 
• We are currently working on designing classes for students who are in hospital isolation at the Children's Department of the Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation in Krapinske Toplice. The students own smartphones and have provided us with their email addresses. We have given them a recommendation to follow the educational program, and we will send them assignments via e-mail