Since 2013, CIOFS-FP has managed a platform originally meant as a trainers’ professional community where to share didactical materials, didactical designing and planning, learning units and other tools useful to manage classroom activities. Within the years, the platform improved into a real LMS exploitable to not only provide training courses but also further activities such as orientation and guidance services, job accompaniment and active labor policies services. This means that also the “audience” of the platform increase from only trainers to learners, to companies and other VET sector stakeholders as well.

For instance for learners e-learning courses (actually all H&S training mandatory e-learning courses are available on the portale servizi), WBL e-activities,  e-guidance services, search for labor vacancies and so on

For trainers portale servizi provides colleagues/professional communities/forum, repository of learning materials and tools such  as LU, e-learning courses for professional development,

For companies place where to co-design VET courses and activities with VTCs, repository of job vacancies, searching for HRs to engage both in traineeships and/or directly to hire and so on.

For other stakeholders place where to check VET and labor trends.


At organization level  - as national headquarters - Portale service has proved to be a very good tool to have a wide and almost complete overview of the associations  activities implemented at local level thus giving the opportunities to set a data-driven continuos qualitative improvement of all services


During the pandemic period, CIOFS-FP workers’ training was not interrupted, but it increased, as all professionals had to learn not only how to use new training channels for classroom management, but also how to support learners to use said new channels. That is why many training courses have been transferred to the CIOFS-FP service portal. Such as, for instance, all H&S mandatory training courses have been spotlighted on this portal: to date, both workers and students (VET students are compared to workers) can attend them via the portal.

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