Profile of VET organisation

Name of organization: Wł. Grabski School of economics- turism- hosting in Lodz

Country: Poland

e-mail[email protected]


Type of VET institute: Upper secondary vocational provisioning

Good practice title

The tourist trail from Italy to Poland

Baseline / problem

The aim of this project is to strengthen the attractiveness and quality of the educational offer schools by establishing cooperation and adaptation of good practices of Italian partner, serving increasing levels of key and professional  competencies among 36 students enrolled in the profession techniques tourist services, enhance their employability in the local market.

Good practice: (Measures, instruments, criteria, indicators)

Expected effects of the implementation are: increased motivation to learn English and Italian language and skills to use them; raising level of knowledge of Polish tourist regions and Italy, using the experience of the foreign partner to develop a program of extra-curricular activities and workshops to support student learning in the use of individual foreign tourist, establish links, which result in proposals for further cooperation in the implementation of projects financed from different sources, development of  individual action plans for all students participating in the project to support the development of their careers; increase the self-esteem of students in the field of tourism classes employment opportunities for the local labor market in accordance with education.

Problems and constraints encountered and solutions found:

Through participation in the project, students will have the chance to shape a thorough professional competence  which will allow them  easily find their way into the labor market and increase employment opportunities.

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