Profile of VET organisation

Name of organization: Technical School No. 1 in Lodz

Country: Poland

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Type of VET institute: Upper secondary vocational provisioning

Good practice title

On the way to the European labor market

Baseline / problem

The main objective of the project is to improve vocational training, in particular:
• knowledge of hotel facilities of various types and categories of operating in Germany and the principles of their functioning,
• improvement of skills related to the comprehensive services Guest accordance with European standards of service ,
• knowledge and application of procedures and techniques work force at different positions in the European accommodation ,
• improvement of communication skills in German, particularly in terms of vocabulary training.

Good practice: (Measures, instruments, criteria, indicators)

Project participants are students educated in the profession of hospitality management techniques. Partner of school is institution from Germany.
The estimated effects of the implementation, it gained professional experience. In addition to raising the level of professional preparation to work. It will contribute to :
• skills and shape the qualifications to facilitate personal development and opportunities for the efficient functioning of the labor market,
• to encourage language learning, break down language and cultural barriers, persisted for generations reluctance to move in search of an attractive job,
• shape the attitudes of the participants who are mobile and enterprising,
• enrichment specialist vocabulary and establish interpersonal contacts with people from other countries.

Problems and constraints encountered and solutions found:

Raise the level of self-confidence and to show new possibilities. Breaking the stereotypes of thinking about the absence of career prospects.

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