Profile of VET organisation

Name of organization: Kuršėnai Polytechnic School

Country: Lithuania


Type of VET institute: Upper Secondary vocational education and training

Good practice title

Professional development of students through project work

Baseline / problem

2013  joinery and information technology vocational teachers engaged the APPLE project, „Learn easier„. In the project  participated first  and second-year students of specialty students and joinery, carpentry and IT professional teachers. This project is the result of changes in our school. We are a vocational school, providing not only vocational training, but also  secondary education, that is, our students not only receive a qualification certificate , but a certificate of maturity. School has over 500 students. They can  become a hairdresser, carpenter, cabinet maker, cook, waiter and bartender, car mechanic, assistant manager for marketing companies and specialty dealer. Most of our school's students are from poor families often live in two-parent families than are disadvantaged. They do not go to museums, theaters, because they  do not have the funds and then, of course, and no more motivation. To encourage students to take interest in culture, art, architecture, get positive emotions during the sessions, we decided to take advantage of educational activities in museums. With a specialty of carpentry students we were able to not only participate in educational activities and also to engage in activities beneficial to the museum. What has changed in completion of the project and what were the benefits? Students - classes became much more interesting, not only formed a creative approach to carpentry profession, but also the respect and attention to heritage, their identity. Joinery IT profession and teachers - including the new, active and innovative teaching methods through students' emotional intelligence education to carry out educational activities for the museum, the practical application of IT work. For Siauliai district ethnic culture and traditional crafts center  were produced  specific articles of wood (weaving machines, toys, stand). The school has become more widely known in Siauliai district and urban communities of  Kuršėnai.

Good practice: (Measures, instruments, criteria, indicators)

The result of the project , the students have become more cultured and expanded their horizons, learned to know the beauty and value it. To encourage interest in their past, their culture and customs. Students want to be interesting, to be known in Europe, want to keep their traditions and culture of the woodwork. It was developed products with lasting value (stands , loom machine copies) .Throughout the project, students performed the following steps: met with various Lithuanian folk wood articles used by our grandparents , great-grandparents ,  produced eight bands looms by authentic by the twentieth century artifact  The manufactured wooden ancient Lithuanian folk toys set of typical Samogitia region; designed and produced a billboard Kuršėnai park near Siauliai district Ethnic and cultural center of the ancient craft .  Participated in the trip to Lithuania Baltic gods only open-air museum and met with the NAIS art wood carving sculpture,  visited Bonnie's Flowers Literary Museum.  NAIS visited the renovated villa in Šiauliai Chaim Frenkel , toured the restored wooden furniture and interior details. Links to documents, web sites, and other information about raising project progress and results : /

Problems and constraints encountered and solutions found:

The project acquired all the necessary materials and the funds were sufficient. The problem is transport, which is required to organize educational activities for different objects. The school does not have its own bus, and it is not possible to visit all the desired educational spaces. Where possible, we were  helped by Siauliai district culture department.