Profile of VET organisation

Name of organization: Kaunas School of Applied Arts

Country: Lithuania

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Type of VET institute: Upper Secondary vocational education and training

Good practice title

Students' work practice review

Baseline / problem

Kaunas School of Applied Arts is a Lithuanian IV qualification level programs implementing institution. The majority of formal training programs are part of the content of the arts disciplines subjects: drawing, painting, graphics, composition, painting, drawing, and various competencies forming the practical syllabus. Half of the year students with help from teachers do a lot of different exercises and creative tasks: painting, drawing, fonts composition, interior design, computer graphics, visual advertising production, corporate style, wood, metal, clay processing themes. From the very beginning of school history is a well-established best practices for each half year last week, students is carried out practical work reviews, during which students present their work on teacher evaluation team.

Good practice: (Measures, instruments, criteria, indicators)

Students views of work organization, it is - an important learning process. The most important and valuable part of the review - the opportunity for students to demonstrate learning outcomes, teachers and learners to demonstrate their achievements and their creative ideas in content development. Students work review process started already at the beginning of half-year, when teachers introduce students to subjects with the objectives and presents a practical work plan for review. Total half-time students consistently perform scheduled tasks. During the review students' works are formally evaluated by commission (Commission includes teachers (methodological group members), the group teacher, administrative staff).
The implementation of review measurement criteria:
-the percentage of  students participated in the review of the work.
-grade average of students  works.
-change of grade point in comparison with the previous school year.
Direct benefit of students work review to school is that the review revealed methodological subjects / modules for teaching and learning problems. The teachers not only share best practices, but also receive feedback from colleagues and the administration. Persons responsible for the provision of the learning process, teachers' professional development and other areas of quality assurance, receives feedback on the quality of processes and procedures.

Problems and constraints encountered and solutions found:

Students work review does not make problems at school, as it is pre-planned: included in Kaunas school of Applied Arts activity calendar in the form of reviews of the week schedule. All students are informed in advance of the time and place of work review. In order to run smoothly work preview is very important to properly plan and inform students and teachers. If needed, the school provides an additional review for students who did not attend the first review. Students reviews of work organization requires some financial resources, on an equal basis and share school and learners.

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