Profile of VET organisation

Name of organization: King Mindaugas vocational training centre

Country: Lithuania


Type of VET institute: Upper Secondary vocational education and training

Good practice title

Teachers' professional skills practical examination

Baseline / problem

Good practice is due to changes in the organization. To the implementation of best practices, pedagogical professional teaching staff has been recruited by and seen only by the formal documentation that did not reflect the actual candidate's practical abilities. Professional teachers who provided documents for certification of higher qualifications were certified without underestimating their practical vocational skills. Due to a change in labour market conditions (demand change for professions, acquisition of suitable skills for the labour market), and seeking to improve operational efficiency, since 1996, we started the conceptual and experimental-reform to initiate character changes. Our activities are guided by the Holy. Ignatius of Loyola pedagogical paradigm, so the approach to education is oriented to the customer and is based on the principles of service and support the evaluation of human values and responsibility for the work context.  An ongoing self-assessment allows teachers feel their quality of work performed by aligning individual abilities to the task, update their knowledge and skills, to participate actively in the education process. The implementation of best practices emerged valuable factor of influencing the educational community focus and determination to achieve quality education. Achievements are measured and recorded using the following indicators: employment of students, successfully passed exams, participation in projects (investment in smart and material resources of over 56 million. LTL), provided vocational training programs increase in the number (from 4 to 41), voluntary activities.

Good practice: (Measures, instruments, criteria, indicators)

Good Practice is considered installed vocational teacher professional competency practical examination. Target score is 100 percent  trainers certified or accepted  at work 2012 - 2014 year. Good practice in the implementation process consists of several systematic steps :  the trainer decides to participate in the practice of professional competency examination; prepared Order of the Director, the jury awarded and date of the check ; practical examination takes place in 3 stages - 1) teacher applicant must pass 8 hours  specialty practice exam (similar to a qualification exam students), 2) according to the criteria and indicators of teacher self-evaluate their performance and delivers it to the panel , and 3) according to the test result, and the same indicators of teacher competence assessed by the Commission .  The best practice process was implemented gradually and with discussing the educational community and the implementation of individual actions (step) , which was adopted in 2010 . Implementing  actors - all teachers wishing certification for a higher qualification category . As external evaluators are involved  social partners , parents . Best Practice Implementation was measured and evaluated according to predefined criteria and educators known criteria and indicators. Currently (post-implementation ) to monitor best practices are used to measure - the teachers methodical laboratory activities , open classes, individual interviews with students and teachers, employers / students / parents survey . In the implementation of best practices benefits the organization through improved monitoring of pupils' achievements in vocational education and training (qualifying examination indicator) , the positive feedback of the social partners , the increase in new training programs the number of vocational teachers' motivation for their development skills, practical skills, and improved students' employability. This  Practice implementation influenced other organization activities (indirect benefits) – was  improved  image, there were more co-operation (including international ) contacts, expanded partnerships for projects.

Problems and constraints encountered and solutions found:

The main problem we encountered during the implementation of best practices, the teachers distrusted their own lack of practical and professional skills. These problems have been conducted by meetings with a teacher explaining the practical competence control objective, process, system, and the opportunity to participate to all comers, were trained and were given the opportunity to acquire or improve the practical professional skills. For those who would like to implement these best practices to avoid potential problems we recommend to start with the school community formation, formulation of fundamental values, common goals anticipation.