Profile of VET organisation

Name of organization: Avalon-52 Ltd

Country: Bulgaria

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Type of VET institute:  Continuous education and training

Good practice title

Qualification in livestock breeding

Baseline / problem

The practice is established and traditional for our organization. It consists of elaboration of own methodology for generating interest for applying under the grant schemes „I can” и „I can do more” of Human Resource Development Program -2007-2013. These grant schemes provide public financing (with co-financing from European Social Fund) for adult vocational training.
There is a requirement introduced in Bulgaria that all farmers operating livestock breeding farms, to have special livestock breeding training. This requirement had some grace period, and during this period, with a broad public awareness campaign, our center for vocational training managed to counter resulting in their interest in the registered farmers to participate in the program with training in "Veterinary Technician" third level of vocational qualification.
By 2010, when we started the implementation of this practice, farmers had not benefited from the opportunities offered by the free training for employees under the Human Resource Development Program. They were mainly directed to the free training program for rural development. Within these courses, however, one can not gain qualification for any of the degrees of proficiency as the longest training that is offered represents only a part of the profession and has a duration of 150 hours.

Good practice: (Measures, instruments, criteria, indicators)

As an additional effect of the ongoing campaign of our organization we register a tendency for increasing interest in the "Veterinary Technician" profession. There is a growing demand for upgrade in qualifications of people with different qualification background as part of their search for jobs. Many people who do not have formal employment (ie receive cash on hand and no contracts) or threatened with redundancy in other industries in an unfavorable economic stance, turn to this professional field. Interest is observed even among threatened to redundancy employees in various public administrations. The demand for retraining could be explained by the presence of social and production facilities in villages and regions where job seekers have families and relatives. These are the dominant candidates for enrollment in "Veterinary Technician" training courses. In the last three years of the program this trend becomes more pronounced - in 2013 the number of students in this degree of both groups is equal.

Problems and constraints encountered and solutions found:

There is a problem with the employment of persons who come to train. The solution is through the application of flexible forms of training. Internet site -

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