Name of organization: Kaunas construction and services training center


Good practice title

Nursing in the nursing process

Baseline / problem

For the organization, the good practice module was like a challenge. After the SWOT analysis, we assessed the possibilities of good practice.

The emergence of a model of good practice in our organization has been influenced by many factors.

1. Different ages, education, personal and work experience of students.

2. Modular vocational training programs have been developed, which allow to assess the available competencies of students at the beginning of vocational training.

3. Most students work and seek to improve their qualifications in the relevant job or have a document proving their qualifications.

4. Pandemic situation in the country, lack of health professionals.

The application of a model of good practice has become one of the tools to help the learner and to solve other problems that arise.

Of course, the success of the application of the good practice model depends on the relevant factors:

  • the employer's personal competence,

  • the ability to think strategically,

  • the institution's financial capacity,

  • the student's responsibility,

  • the determination of the employer's and

  • the student's expectations.

The success of problem solving depends on these circumstances. The best formula for a good practice model is a motivated student and a motivated employer and organization with human and material resources ready to accept and create a job for the student in the future.

Good practice

The basis of good practice is a process with a competent team, with new and existing technologies, tools. The result of good practice is the mutual satisfaction of expectations between the student and the employer, of which the vocational teacher is a very important figure.

During the good practice, the pupil participates in the activities of the institution, in this case the Nursing Hospital, the Maltese or Samaritans, or other organizations providing nursing services. The student chooses an institution to accept and a tripartite agreement is signed. The vocational teacher introduces the student to the safety and health of the employee. The student is given an individual assessment schedule and can combine the good practice module with the sessions. Most often, as I have noticed, this module of good practice is suitable for those who have acquired higher or higher education, longer or long work experience and is characterized by general skills - communication, information technology management, foreign language skills, mathematical skills. Such students are responsible, organized, honest, demanding of themselves and others. Often the student changes specialty, is a returned emigrant or cares for a loved one at home. The motivation of such a student is high.

At the end of the good practice, the results and expectations are discussed with the participation of three parties - the student, the direct employer, and the vocational teacher. In this pandemic, a possible phone or virtual conversation that saves time is safe.

Problems and constraints encountered and solutions found:

Problems encountered during good practice:

1. Employer employment, not all employees are motivated to share nursing practice.

2. Lack of student motivation.

3. Economic factors of the country influencing the high workload and low salary of nursing assistants compared to other European countries.

Applicable solutions:

1. A clear discussion of expectations between the employer and the student in the presence of the VET teacher against good practice.

2. In this time of pandemic, there is a great opportunity for a nursing assistant to enter the labor market.