Name of organization:

The Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts

E-mail: [email protected]

Good practice title: Online platform "eNaukovanje"

Baseline / problem:  

Established good practice Apprentices are required to find a craft or SME where they will take their apprenticeship and sign a contract with the employer. In order to be able to do that, there is a need for licenced crafts/SMEs, which are eligible to take apprentices. The Chamber's role is to licence those employers and to provide support regarding the administrative process. In order to ease the process, the online platform eNaukovanje is helping everyone to do everything online.

Good practice:  

In cooperation with the ministry responsible for economy and crafts, the online platform eNaukovanje has been launched. It enables apprentices to search employers eligible for taking apprentices in the specific occupation. One can do the search according to the free apprenticeship placements or the location of employer, or his/hers name. Also, the online platform enables the online process of signing apprenticeship contracts and their verification by all parties. Every student gets its own login information, and the process is monitored and adimnistered by VET and Chamber staff. The whole process is digitalised, and makes easier the monitoring of apprenticeship placements as well as communication with VET schools and employers taking apprentices.

Problems and constraints encountered and solutions found:  

The biggest challenge is to raise awareness of employers to participate in the process, as well as regulary communicate with VET schools and staff responsible for apprenticeship. Therefore, the Chamber provides support and advice on the field in order to make the process easier. Also, the Chamber is responsible for the verification of apprenticeship contracts and monitoring their implementation at the work-place.

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