Profile of VET organisation

Name of organization: Laatukeskus Excellence Finland

Country: Finland

Type of VET institute: Further education and training

Good practice title

Implementation of eLearning

Baseline / problem

To keep up with the ongoing digitalization, we implemented an eLearning platform to support our face-to-face trainings. The need for a platform was to have systematic, centralized way of providing delegates with information, files and pre-course work.

The platform was piloted with one course first before being deployed to all courses that could benefit from it. We do not have any fully digital eLearning courses yet, but this is expected to change.

By implementing the platform, we received benefits in being able to communicate with the delegates and exchange information in a more structured way. The main challenge we encountered was getting the platform fully implemented on the trainer level (as some were more keen to use it than others).

Good practice: (Measures, instruments, criteria, indicators)

We purchased and implemented a Moodle based eLearning platform following a standard procurement process. We then piloted the platform on a single course before implementing it to all relevant courses within the timespan of a year.

We do not have any specific measurements for the success of the platform, other than its implementation and feedback from the trainers and delegates. Generally I thas been well received, especially for the longer 10+ day training programs.

Problems and constraints encountered and solutions found:

The main challenge was getting all trainers to utilize the new platform. Most of the trainers are entrepreneurs and have their own way of working, which may not be compatible with such an eLearning platform. Our main ways of tackling this issue were:

  1. Continuous communication
  2. Meeting with the trainer to discuss what kind of improvements the platform could offer their trainings
  3. Clear setting of expectations about what kind of trainings we will want to offer in the future

The delegates have taken the platform in well, especially for the courses with a pass/fail-element and longer training programs (10+ days) as the community type elements of the tool (such as discussion boards) can be utilized better.