Profile of VET organisation

Name of organization: Sigulda school of Arts “Baltais Flīģelis”

Country: Latvia

Type of VET institute: Lower Secondary vocational education and training


Good practice title

Quality management in a school

Baseline / problem

Our organization is school with staff of 50 teachers and 10 technical workers. 2 years ago we decide, that we need built a system for monitoring quality in our organization. Our choice was EFQM Excellence model. As a first step we organized our self-assessment and gained many suggestions for improvement. In a 2-3 month will be ready our organization development plan, what we are building using EFQM model.

Good practice: (Measures, instruments, criteria, indicators)

For introducing EFQM Excellence model, we use on-line tool GOA-Workbench®, which lead us threw the self-assessment and improvement planning process. We are just in at the very beginning of this process and the steps to achieve our aim were following: 1) Decision to use EFQM Excellence model as a system, that could help us be more organized, with quality in every our services 2) Informing our employees about EFQM 3) Survey for staff and parents of our pupils 4) Self-assessment procedure with persons from every target group (teachers, managers in every level, technical workers) 5) We set up an action plan and prioritize all activities We can’t still say about results, but we actually like a process and could improve performance in every field of our organization.

Problems and constraints encountered and solutions found:

We had a lack of resources for doing this assessment in a time. Mostly time resources. One more problem was, that in Latvia wasn’t organization like us (school of arts), who are using EFQM model for raising quality in organization. Therefore steps are slower, because we couldn’t take over experience of other organization.