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21 KOŠŤÁLOVÁ, Hana et al. Description of the good school. Prague: Helping schools to the success of the l. t. d., 2010. - in Czech language Natassa Kazantzidou 5581
22 European Peer Review Manual for initial VET Natassa Kazantzidou 5825
23 Qualitative report from the project QALLL – Czech translations of the part of the project Natassa Kazantzidou 5604
24 The methodology for the director for the planning and evaluation of professional development for teachers - in Czech language Natassa Kazantzidou 5246
25 Transnational meeting of project in Finland Natassa Kazantzidou 5874
26 BEQUAL continues.. Natassa Kazantzidou 5734
27 QUADRAT Transnational Conference on 12/12/2014 in Athens, Greece quantize 36884
28 First version of Quality Instruments released by the project Qual4T Natassa Kazantzidou 15490
29 QUADRAT training of quality staff in Budapest Hungary, 27-31 October 2014 quantize 6819
30 QUADRAT Training of quality staff in Piraeus Greece, 6-10 October 2014 quantize 6312
31 EXPANDVET final conference in Kaunas, Lithuania Natassa Kazantzidou 35390
32 Karalius Mindaugos Vocational Training Centre Natassa Kazantzidou 14859
33 Projekto „Profesinio mokymo kokybės užtikrinimo sistemų tobulinimas (lyginamosios analizės įrankis)“ baigiamosios konferencijos 8556
34 Lithuanian employers support introduction of compulsory maths exam Natassa Kazantzidou 7926
35 Opinions of European Union citizens about education and training and its quality 14194
36 New project approved Natassa Kazantzidou 8654
37 Quality assurance challenges synergies between European tools Natassa Kazantzidou 13707
38 Building European VET – Time to move on, Thessaloniki, 29-30 September 2014 7465
39 National conference in Greece Natassa Kazantzidou 6961
40 QUADRAT training of trainers in Milan, Italy on 14-16 July 2014 quantize 5641

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