The results are in! Most VET providers in Finland have a functional quality management system


In a report prepared by the Finnish Education Evaluation Center (Karvi in Finnish), 71% of vocational education and training providers in Finland have a quality management system in order. The results of a national self-evaluation of VET providers were released in June and the collective report in early November. The self-evaluation was conducted by Finnish Education Evaluation Center, partly in collaboration with the Finnish National Board of Education. This was the first time such an assessment of the state of quality management systems in vocational education in Finland was carried out.

The evaluation is based on 168 self-evaluation reports from education providers and 35 evaluation visits. What most sets apart providers big and small is how long quality management systems have been in development. Large providers and providers operating in a variety of fields who have had a systematic approach to quality management for at least six years tended to perform better.

Providers’ core strengths lie in strategic management, use of data in decision making, networking and learning from others. Another highlight is the customer-oriented approach to special needs education. However, many providers are lacking in the documentation of their quality management systems and the use of information systems. The harmonization of procedures across operations and the involvement of stakeholders in the development of quality management processes are also an area in need of attention. In addition, a number of providers don’t have procedures for evaluating their own performance.

The authors of the report recommend regular audits of quality management systems. Of those who passed the bar the for a well-functioning quality management system, 20% were still very close to it.

To kickstart further development following the results of self-evaluation, the Board of Education has organized regional seminars. The purpose of each seminar is to provide a space for VET providers to openly consider what the results of the self-evaluation and the national report entail for them and to share best practices for moving forward.

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