First version of Quality Instruments released by the project Qual4T


The European project Quality for Teachers (Qual4T), led by the Dutch training organisation Lanstede, released the first version of the quality toolkit. The quality toolkit addresses teachers and trainers in VET and includes 33 quality instruments categorised in 7 areas. The quality instruments can be used by vocational teachers and trainers to support them in the whole process of teaching from planning to implementation and evaluation of class, courses and lessons. In the next phase of the project, the quality instruments will be pilot tested in the partners countries and the new revised version of the toolking will be available in 2015.

Overview of all the toolkit Instruments:

A.   Raising Awareness

1.     Quality: what does this have to do with me?

2.     Quality is … “136 Random Thoughts on Quality”

3.     Dream Session: What will your institution and educational programmes look like in 2025?

B.    Planning for Action

4.     Step by Step Goal formulation

5.     Setting SMART Goals as a Team

6.     Expectation Management

7.     Team Work Contract

8.     Action Plan, according to an Internal or External Audit Report or Self evaluation


C.   Quality Improvement in your Classroom

9.    First Steps into Teaching

10.  IDEAL methodology for the Resolution of Problems

11.  Flip Learning

12.  Lesson Road Map

13.  Games for checking learning

14.  Evaluating your teaching practice - Observation Tool


D.   Evaluation and Feedback

15.  Learners evaluate lesson/teaching, materials, learning

16.  Teachers evaluate quality in the institution

17.  Circle Time Peer to Peer Review

18.  Peer review of learners on soft skills

19.  Flashlight feedback

20.  Encouraging learners’ suggestions for improvement on the institution


E.    Time for REFLECTION

21. Self Assessment Tool for Teachers

22.  Reflection for teachers on learning

23. Reflection Cards for learners


F.    Improving Quality in your Institution

24.  Benchmarking against successful Institutions

25.  Defining indicators

26.  Data Collection Planning

27. Communication between management&staff

28.  Teambuilding Activities

29.  How can we avoid early learner drop out?  Ideas and small successes

30.  Networking: The Importance of Contact with Companies

31.  Guidelines for a company visit with learners


G.   Improving Quality for Employers

32.  Employers: Questionnaires for businesses – satisfaction

33.  Checklist for In Company Mentors/Employers


H.   QUAL4T Training Course

(to be published in may 2015)



Subjects addressed in the toolkit are:

- quality culture

- quality cycle implementation (focus on evaluation and review and adoption of the system)

- work-based learning (involving enterprises)

- professionalization and staff development

- innovation in quality assurance.

These subjects have been selected from the ten recommendations from QALLL book three.