Quality assurance challenges synergies between European tools

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Cedefop Director James Calleja praised Malta’s efforts to draft a national quality assurance framework for further and higher education based on the Standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European higher education area (ESG) and a European quality assurance in VET (EQAVET) perspective.

Mr Calleja was one of three ‘international critical friends’ invited by Malta’s National Commission for Further and Higher Education to address a consultation conference on 25 July. Over 165 participants discussed the draft framework, which includes elements of both the ESG and the EQAVET principles.

In his address, the Cedefop Director spoke about the holistic approach of the framework policy, aiming at a quality culture that cuts across vocational training and training (VET) and higher education (HE). He referred to its added value of permeability between VET and HE and its link to other European tools.

Mr Calleja said that with synergies between European tools being challenged by practice in actual education and training situations, quality assurance is an important bridge that links the learning outcomes approach, the credit system, the certificate supplement and the multidimensional role of the national qualifications framework.

The framework is ‘a tangible attempt at building trust in Malta’s qualification system at national, European and global scale; it predetermines sound, robust qualifications based on a learning outcomes approach, which in VET’s case should take occupational standards into account; it establishes a forum for sharing expertise and experience from different educational sectors and quality control of qualifications at national level, as well as a point of reference and a referencing device.’

Mr Calleja called the document a laudable example of how European tools can generate synergy, of how the text itself communicates a culture that stakeholders could find noteworthy in their efforts to attract more learners to VET and HE, of how a quality culture is built more effectively and nationwide and for quality agencies to be at all times in a learning ‘mode’ to implement the framework policy better.


Building European VET – Time to move on, Thessaloniki, 29-30 September 2014

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Cedefop and the European Commission (DG EAC) are organising a conference to present the findings of Cedefop’s new vocational education and training (VET) report. This report reviews developments in the deliverables set for 2014 and progress with the long-term objectives for VET agreed by Ministers, social partners, associated and candidate countries in the Bruges Communiqué. It also includes information by ETF on progress that candidate countries have made in these areas.

During the event, debates with stakeholders on progress, obstacles, bottlenecks and positive experiences will help identify lessons that can be learnt from the current sets of priorities and short-term deliverables. These lessons should feed into the reflections of Director Generals and the EU-level Advisory Committee for Vocational Training on how to strengthen European cooperation on VET (within the framework of the so-called Copenhagen process and the Bruges Communiqué). To help foster policy learning, the conference will feature small group discussions on areas where progress has been more limited.

The conference is addressed to high-level European and national policy makers for VET and VET-related fields, social partners, Cedefop’s reference network for VET (ReferNet), experts/researchers as well representatives of training providers and learners.

Cedefop will cover the expenses for speakers, moderators and rapporteurs.
Participation is by invitation only.

A detailed agenda and information concerning registration will be published on Cedefop’s website soon (http://www.cedefop.europa.eu/EN/events/24157.aspx).

For more information, please contact the organisers at Adres poczty elektronicznej jest chroniony przed robotami spamującymi. W przeglądarce musi być włączona obsługa JavaScript, żeby go zobaczyć.

Source: >http://www.eqavet.eu/gns/news/latest-news/14-07-21/Building_European_VET_%E2%80%93_Time_to_move_on_Thessaloniki_29-30_September_2014.aspx

National conference in Greece

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IDEC hold a national conference on the 10th of July 2014 in Piraeus with the title “Quality assurance and Benchmarking for Vocational Education and Training organisations”. The conference attracted 14 participants mainly VET providers.
The conference started with a welcome and an introduction by Mrs. Sofia Spiliotopoulou, the General Manager of IDEC SA. The speakers presented their topics while the participants were encouraged to interrupt and ask questions during the presentations. Vivid discussions were initiated, mainly in the topics of European policies and how these are introduced to Greek landscape and on practical implementation of quality policies in the reality of VET schools and centres.
Some participants were interested in specific issues (e.g. recognition of qualifications, vocational guidance to schools, cooperation between schools and businesses) that were discussed in small groups during the buffet. Some new co-operations and projects are expected to emerge as a consequence of the conference.

QUADRAT training of trainers in Milan, Italy on 14-16 July 2014

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The 2nd training of trainers of QUADRAT project will take place in Milan, Italy on 14-16 July 2014. The training is organised by EUROCREA.

25 trainees, representing adult learning organisations from Italy, Greece, Spain and Hungary are expected to participate in the 2,5 days training. The training will focus on both the quality management in adult learning organisations and the use of the QUADRAT software. The contents of the training are:

  • Characteristics of adult learning organizations
  • Quality management in adult learning organizations (EQAVET, EFQM, CAF, ISO 9001, ISO 29990)
  • ISO 9001 in detail
  • Steps to implement a quality management system
  • Exercises and case studies
  • Demonstration and pilot testing of the software

The participation to the course is free. In case you wish to participate, please register online.

NELLIP National Workshops in Lithuania

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18 October 2013, 21 February and 14 March: those are the dates in which Public Service Language Centre organized its NELLIP National Workshops in Lithuania. Workshops participants worked in small groups and defined a specific improvement plans addressed to language initiatives and projects.





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