Welcome to the BEQUAL benchmarking tool!

Benchmarking tool aims to support development of quality assurance processes in VET institutions by offering several possibilities:

  • You may complete the self-evaluation questionnaire on behalf of your organization to evaluate its performance. It is based on European Quality Assurance Reference Framework in VET (EQAVET) and follows four phases of the quality cycle:
    1. Planning,
    2. Implementation,
    3. Evaluation,
    4. Review
  • Self-evaluation will help you to identify both strong and weak points of your organization therefore is suggested to be completed in cooperation between quality managers and administration.

You may resubmit a new questionnaire after one year since the previous time. Data is stored anonymously and only you can access your individual report. To learn more about EQAVET visit http://www.eqavet.eu/index.html

  • You may enter My Statistics to view the individual results of your organization, as well as see the status of your organisation against the other VET organisations that have participated in the survey. The tool allows you to compare the results of VET organizations in your country or of VET organizations of the same type throughout Europe.
  • You may Evaluate the tool and provide us feedback by completing a survey. This will help us to improve the services and will be highly appreciated.

To enter the tool you either have to be registered (for the first time) or use your user name and password. Note that only one profile per organization is eligible to ensure credibility of results.

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