Assessment criteria for conditions, process and outcomes of education

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Kateřina Valachová, the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS) following the discussions in the 27th ministry management session (2015) approved Assessment criteria for conditions, process and outcomes of education in accordance with the Czech School Inspectorate will act.

The approved criteria are formulated for purpose of an institution external assessment and create a logical framework, which enables to assess conditions, process and outcomes of education and educational services at the levels of schools, educational programs and educational process management. The framework enables to monitor achievement of education aims according to school educational programs and to evaluate school progress, attained during a period of time. Aggregated data forms basis for assessment effectiveness of educational system and its parts.

Approved criteria are based on a developed model of the so called quality school which resulted from activities of an expert group made up of the Czech School Inspection representatives as well as external experts. Model of so called quality school and the derived criteria have been continuously consulted with a broad interested public in the framework of the national wide debate on a quality school, initiated in October 2014 by the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports. The criteria resulted from consensus of all main stakeholders in initial VET, who approved assumed form of criteria. Generally discussed, approved and accepted criteria guarantee consistency and stability of the national framework for assessment, which was long time requirement not only national educational experts, but international institutions as well (e.g. OECD report on education assessment in the Czech Republic in 2012).


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